Wentworth Gardner House open for visitors, August 1915.
Thursday, July 23, 2015 5:30 p.m. While leisure travel among the middle class had gradually increased since the Civil War, Wallace Nutting took advantage of the new automobile culture to create his Chain of Colonial Picture Houses to provide therapeutic and educational vacation experiences. Sandra Rux, curator of “Wallace Nutting […]

Wallace Nutting and Tourism Gallery Talk

A c.1915 colorized print by Wallace Nutting of a young model dressed in colonial attire descending the main stairway of the Wentworth-Gardner House.
The Wentworth Lear Historic Houses invites you to visit “Wallace Nutting and the Wentworth-Gardner House— 100 Years,” a new exhibit that tells the story of the restoration of the Wentworth-Gardner House using before-and-after photographs taken by Wallace Nutting.  The house was the northernmost site in Nutting’s “Chain of Five Colonial […]

Wallace Nutting Exhibit